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Frequently Asked Questions

Read below the answers to our popular questions about our VoIP app.

Why can't I register with my phone number?

You currently can only use our app if you own a phone number from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Can I call emergency, short or premium numbers?

Emergency (911, 112…etc.), shorts or premium numbers are currently not supported.

What is the phone number displayed on the called destination?

It is your phone number used upon registration.

Can I receive calls to my phone number?

You currently can’t receive calls to your personal phone number. The app is for outgoing calls only.

Is there a different cost for calls placed in 3G, 4G LTE or Wifi?

You can place calls with all type of connectivity. The cost stay the same based on our rates per destination.
In 3G or 4G LTE an additional cost may be billed by your carrier if your plan doesn’t include Data.

Why do I get the error "Service unavailable for this destination" ?

We currently don’t support the destination country you want to call to. Feel free to email us so we can consider adding the country at preferred rates.

Where can I see all the destinations & rates?

Go to Settings -> My Credit -> Our Rates. Or check below with our online tool the list of supported countries and how many minutes you can call.

How do I update my phone number?

You will need to sign out in Settings -> Profile (name + phone number) -> Sign Out.
Note: you can’t transfert your balance.

How do I delete all my data?

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Delete Account. Attention! You will loose your account balance.

Does my credit ever expire?

No, your credit never expire except when your account is deleted.


CHF £ $ $ DKK

To a mobile number

per minute

To a landline number

per minute
With $ credits you can call minutes to mobiles or minutes to landlines.


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