H2O – 2GB – Reload

Your data in 4G LTE is all used? Reload it and add 30 extra days.

Phone number

Put your US phone number (digits only). Eg: 2345678913

$57 Incl. VAT


Product Description

If you’ve used up all your allowance of Data in 4G LTE, you can reload your plan.

Order must be placed at least 24 hours in advance before the expiry date of your plan.
We will apply the reload within 24 hours. Note that any GB left are not carried over, and the expiry date will change as follow: 30 days from the day the plan is reloaded.

Why can’t I reload my plan with 4GB? 4GB Plan is a promotional for new customer & first month only. This offer is set by the carrier H2O.