What network to choose for my trip?


First of all, make sure to check your smartphone compatibility in USA by using our online tool. As your phone model may only be compatible with one carrier. 

You may direct your choice of the network based on the result.

California Greetings

If you are visiting tourist areas (California, New-York, Florida…) or big cities in all states. Both carriers: T-Mobile and AT&T will have a good coverage.

For a typical usage (social apps, GPS, calls & texts…) You will not notice big differences in term of coverage and speed as long as your smartphone is fully compatible.

USA Map Drawing

For other less popular areas outside cities, we strongly suggest to check coverage map of each carrier T-Mobile, AT&T (Prepaid), Lyca Mobile.

If you are looking for something that is more independent with data coming from actual customers check out the Opensignal app.


Finally, please note that deserts, forests and mountains are always hard places to get a good coverage regardless of the carrier. Always expect to have « no signal » at some point. Be ready to handle this kind of situation. We suggest to buy a paper map and put it in your emergency kit. 😉

If you are purchasing more than one sim card, selecting two different carriers is always a good idea to maximize your chance of coverage in remote areas.