Phone Compatibility in USA

Use this online quick check tool to see if your phone is compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile carrier and on which technology (2G, 3G H+, 4G LTE and 5G).

You will need to know the exact variant of your phone.
Note that even if your phone is compatible, it always need to be unlocked to be used with any carrier.

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What Is Your Phone Model?

Enter *#06# on your dial pad to get your IMEI.

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Did You Know?

Bands 2 and 5 are the minimum bands required to fully work in 4G LTE. The more compatible bands you have better the signal and speeds will be.

*eSIM Compatible

In some edge cases result may be wrong. If you want to be 100% sure your smartphone is eSIM compatible. You can check it yourself in your phone’s settings. Go to:

Settings -> Network -> Sim -> Add sim / eSIM.

Please note the exact path to this setting may vary depending of the phone model.

If “Add sim / eSIM” is not visible your smartphone is not eSIM compatible.

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Mobile Antenna

How do we check compatibility?

Your IMEI returns the frequencies bands supported by your smartphone. Our tool is querying the two majors carriers: T-Mobile and AT&T. We are directly getting the response from them.

2G 3G

Say Bye!

Due to recent mobile network upgrades your phone needs to be at least compatible with 4G LTE frequencies bands used in North America. Since 2022, AT&T and T-Mobile does not operate in 2G & 3G anymore.

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No Compatibility

No Compatibility?

There is always a small chance of an error or false positive.

Don’t hesitate to reach us by chat or email with your brand and exact phone model or IMEI so we can double check the compatibility.