A Prepaid US Sim Card

Get connected in 4G LTE
eSIM now available.


Internet Data in 4G LTE included in all plans.

Calls & Texts

Unlimited Calls & Texts within the USA and to worldwide in some plans.

Up to 30 Days

All plans are valid up to 30 days upon activation.


Benefits of SIM-USA

See against what are the main benefits to purchase a prepaid US sim card.

Get ready before your trip

Prepaid. No extra free

Local sim card

Ship worldwide

Our prepaid plans

See our ready to activate prepaid plans. Calls & texts are always unlimited within United-States.

Not looking in Unlimited Data?

Check out our Prepaid Plan with limited Data allowance in 4G LTE and unlimited calls & texts from USA to World. Valid for 30 days on the day of activation.

For Tablets & Hotspots

A Prepaid 100% Data Plan valid for 30 days that works with a tablet or a hotspot wifi router. In option purchase our AT&T Velocity hotspot device.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Read below the answers to our popular questions.

Yes, your phone needs to accept a sim card from another carrier than your current one. The fastest way to know it is to insert a sim card from another carrier. If the network shows up, your phone is unlocked. If you bought your phone in a shop and not with your carrier, it is more than likely to be unlocked already. If you bought your phone with your carrier you may need to contact him directly.

High-hend and new smartphones are most likely to at least connect in 3G H+. iPhone 6 and onwards models will connect in 4G LTE. Android smartphones exist in a wide range of models. You can use our new online Phone Compatibility Check. You will need to know the variant of your phone.

Yes we do! We ship worldwide for free and we also have express shipping options. Please read our next question about delivery time.

All in stock orders are shipped the next business day from France. Delivery is by your local post office within 1 to 4 business days in France, 3 to 5 business days to Europe and 10 to 15 business days to worldwide. An express shipping option is available worldwide with guaranteed overnight delivery (except holiday) in France metropolitan, Belgium, Germany and in most other european countries. The price and exact delivery date will be indicated on the payment page once your full address is filled.

Texts cannot be forwarded. This is a technical limitation. You will need a second phone to insert your home sim to receive your texts from your home number.

Yes, you can use it to call and text and also use it with apps like Uber. Note that you can keep your personal number when using social apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger... Your number doesn't change unless you confirm thru the app.

All plans with calls & texts are guaranteed to work in a smartphone only. All usage in any other kind of devices cannot be guaranteed. Carriers may block usage.

It is an universal triple-cut sim card. Mini / Micro / Nano size.

Yes we do! Check out our Plan for USA. eSIM is available for compatible devices with embedded sim card. Check the list of compatible devices.

In term of internet speed and coverage T-Mobile & AT&T are almost identical. In some rural areas, one carrier will have coverage while the other one not. It is actually more important to check your phone compatibility as one model can only be compatible with one carrier. We also suggest you to check opensignal.com for better comparison state by state between carriers.

This option is only available on T-Mobile and AT&T plans. Your Data, unlimited calls and texts are going with you to Canada & Mexico. Make sure to enable Roaming mode on your phone.

These three carriers are Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) they use the network of the major carriers in United-States. Lyca Mobile uses T-Mobile while H2O and Flexiroam uses AT&T network. Coverage is much the same while download & upload speed and prioritization might be a bit slower.

You decide of the activation, there is no strict rule. If you can schedule the activation (with T-Mobile & AT&T sim cards) we strongly recommend to do it as soon as you receive it. Otherwise you can activate it a day before your departure so you will be online as soon as you land. Please note the number of days start on the day of activation.

The sim card is shipped inactive. You can activate it whenever and wherever you wish so. Activation instructions are provided by email and in the package.You will proceed activation online on our website in only three steps. For more informations go to our Help Center and read more about our activation process.

The US phone number is associated upon activation of the sim card, it is impossible to know it before. You will receive it in the confirmation of activation email.

All of our Plans are prepaid. You will never get overage charges and we don’t keep your billing informations in our system.

You can reload every month buy purchasing individual Reloads. Check out our Reloads page.

If you visit this website from EU all of our prices are shown VAT (Value Added Tax) inclusives. If you live in a country that is not suggest to VAT, all prices will be exempted from tax. The order total will update once you indicate your shipping address in the checkout page.

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“Des forfaits à la semaine”

“Je suis en retard sur mon avis étant donné que mon voyage aux Etats Unis était il y a 1 an maintenant. Tout s'est très bien passé. J'ai pris deux cartes sims pour ma sœur et moi, AT&T et le réseau était impeccable à Los Angeles (y compris dans les chemins de randonnée), comme à San Francisco et Chicago. La carte sim a aussitôt marché dès que je l'ai mise dans mon tél. Connexion rapide et fiable!”

“tarif intéressant. Facile de prolonger de mois en mois. Ma fille est aux USA depuis 3 mois et a une bonne couverture de réseau”

“Rapidité efficacité”

“Facile et pratique. Les explications sur le site sont claires et en cas d'incertitude, ils sont joignables par "tchat". Il faut juste ne pas oublier de renouveler en cas de prolongation”