No more sim card! Got a compatible smartphone?
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$47$95 incl. Tax

  • For compatible eSIM smartphones only.
  • T-Mobile or AT&T Network. How to choose?
  • Unlimited calls & texts within USA, Canada & Mexico.
  • Your apps. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype, etc. as usual. Keep your current number.
  • Unlimited internet Data up to 5G speed in USA.
  • Unlimited internet Data up to 5G speed in Canada and Mexico. (5GB only with T-Mobile).
  • Tethering allowed with slower speed for the connected devices (not allowed with AT&T).
  • QR Code is emailed once the eSIM is activated.
  • Reloads are available to extend validity.

Please make sure you have a compatible smartphone.

  • Usage in a tablet or a computer.
  • Usage outside of USA, Canada & Mexico.
  • Tethering / hotspot mode with AT&T network.

No Need of Unlimited Data?

Check out our eSIM Plans with limited Data allowance in USA or Canada.

Valid 30 days from the fist connection.

  • $59$71 incl. Tax

Schedule Activation

After your order follow instructions by email and schedule the activation on our website by selecting your activation date.

Receive your eSIM

Your eSIM is a QR Code sent by email once your plan is activated.

Get Online

Get connected immediately once you arrive at destination. 
No extra step!

Our Activation Process

You can schedule activation ahead of time on our website.

Same day activation request is proceed within few hours.

Your eSIM is a QR Code emailed to you upon activation of the plan.


Now 5G

This plan is 5G compatible in United-States. Your smartphone must be 5G compatible in United-States.

It is an early access service, coverage is very limited and not guaranteed.

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