How To Choose The Right Network?


Opensignal is an independent organization.
It combines 
real-world measurements with scientific analysis to provide independent insights on mobile connectivity globally.

Read below a condensed version of the Mobile Network Experience in USA Report of January 2023.

Data collection Period: Sep 16 – Dec 14, 2022

AT&T T-Mobile Verizon
Games Experience Winner
Voice App Experience Winner
Download Speed Experience Winner
Upload Speed Experience Winner
4G Availability Winner
4G Coverage Winner
Consistent Quality Winner

National Results

National overview of carrier performance in each category.

Overall Video Experience
Overall Games Experience
Overall Voice App Experience
Overall Download Speed Experience
Overall Upload Speed Experience
Excellent Consistent Quality

Roaming in Canada & Mexico​

In these countries you will be automatically connected to local partners. 

Canada_map_1000px-1.png data-lazy-srcset=

Rogers, Bell, Telus

Mexico_map_with_flag.png data-lazy-srcset=

Telcel, Movistar, AT&T Mexico

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