5G technology: what are the benefits for users?

5G technology: what are the benefits for users?

Always faster and faster – that is the most important, but not the only approach of the new 5G cellular standard. But what exactly does 5G mean and why is the technology so important for the mobile Internet of the future? What are the benefits and when will it be available?

What exactly is the new 5G cellular standard?

It was not even 10 years ago that the first progressive LTE network (4G) was launched in Germany. At that time it marked a new milestone in cellular technology. Even if all the possibilities of 4G are far from exhausted, there have long been plans for a new successor: the 5G mobile communications standard. According to experts, this should be able to overshadow everything that has existed so far. The upcoming fifth generation of wireless broadband technology is referred to as 5G, which can not only offer significantly higher speeds, but also bring numerous other advantages.

Why is technology so important?

5G will make mobile data transmission much faster, more energy-efficient and more reliable than before, so that the technology is an important topic for both consumers and industry. 5G will be needed in industry for numerous applications in the future, be it the control of factories, for the networking of individual robots, for driverless transport systems or for human-machine collaborations. For consumers, for example, medical care will improve because robot-assisted operations can become a reality. Autonomous driving can only become possible with 5G, and even with mobile gaming the user could finally act in real time and without latency in the future.

What advantages does 5G bring for private users?

As already mentioned in the lines above, 5G is much more than just faster, mobile internet. Rather, from a technical point of view, it should usher in a new era in mobile communications, because it works with the 5 GHz signal and is therefore designed to provide speeds of up to 1 GBit (10,000 MBit / s). In addition, 5G will enable around 100 times as many connections per square kilometer as 4G LTE. Basically, 5G is the technology that can make tens of thousands of parallel connections available at speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s. Last but not least, 5G also improves the expandability of mobile networks to hundreds of thousands of connections.

For which purposes will 5G be particularly useful?

What 5G should achieve was formulated relatively early on. While the industrial sector has its eye on the networking of machines and gadgets in particular, low energy consumption and increased performance should be the top priorities for consumers. However, the usage scenarios for 5G are so diverse that not all options will be available in the short term. However, the 5G development is already clearly showing that 5G will be much more than “just” high-speed Internet. From a technical point of view, it is a kind of kit from which many functions can be combined with one another so that products, people and services can be wirelessly networked with one another.

When and where will 5G be available?

Basically, the mobile phone network should be accelerated to 5G as quickly as possible, but unfortunately Germany has made slow progress in recent years. The reason for this was, among other things, disputes between authorities and corporations. Although the first 5G-capable smartphones will be on the market in Germany this year, a commercial 5G network will not emerge in Germany until 2021. Other countries, on the other hand, are already a step further and so the starting shot for 5G in China and the USA should be given this year. The USA in particular is on the advance here, so that 5G could soon be widely available there. Anyone planning a trip there can get an idea in advance of what will also happen to us in the next few years.

The bottom line

With everybody Generational leap that was achieved in cellular technology innovative and far-reaching improvements can be realized. It appears, that the new 5G mobile communications standard is already on everyone’s lips, with which I suppose There should be no way around the new technologies. 5G is mobile communications revolutionize and with it a new chapter in the history of the mobile Open data world.

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